Dolores T. Aaron Garden Classroom

Dolores T. Aaron Garden Classroom

Our strategy was to design a solution that could inform, inspire and assist. The project acts as both a teacher and a teacher’s assistant. The two primary spaces of the project, The Pavilions and The Gardens maintain their clear programmatic separation while allowing the unique gardening educational experience to thrive. The pavilion facilitates and allows learning, whereas the gardens demonstrates and teaches the concepts learned within the pavilion, a didactic space supporting an iterative process. As such, the scheme is designed to be flexible, allowing spaces to align with the teachers lessons, accessible, allowing fluid movement in, around and between the spaces, and phenomenal as an enriching sensorial experience.

The Pavilion:
Organized to maximize flexibility and space. We believe learning and the spaces within which we learn should be flexible. This allows for the pavilion to be used as a classroom, a kitchen, a farmer’s market, a gathering space, a retreat, etc. To make this flexibility feasible, all amenities (benches, tables, kitchen sinks, tools and equipment can all be securely stored within a central storage wall. The wall would provide cabinets of varying sizes, open shelves and push-in storage for the movable kitchen island and student benches. Volume of storage totals roughly 400 cubic feet.

The Gardens:
Designed to do everything, the gardens will grow plants, collect and filter water, capture wind and light, create fertilizer, and show students how all of this is being done. There are 4 distinct gardens, each one highlighting a different element critical in the life of a plant: Earth, Water, Light and Wind. Each of these gardens focuses on its element, highlighting it and presenting students with new and engaging ways of looking at them. The plants assigned to each garden are also tied closely with its element, such as Swamp Lillies in the Water Garden. Each garden also devotes a large portion of its space for student planting where they can have the freedom to explore and experiment.


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